Welcome to a new era of printing – LED flexo printing!

Immerse yourself in a world of brilliance, efficiency and environmental awareness. With our LED flexo printing technology, we have once again done pioneering work. Together with our ink supplier, we have reached a completely new level and set standards in terms of quality and sustainability.


  1. LEDs consume significantly less energy compared to UV lamps, resulting in considerable energy savings and resource conservation.
  2. Shorter curing time of the inks, which helps to achieve higher production speeds and thus increases the efficiency of the printing process.
  3. LED inks are free of harmful solvents and VOCs, minimising emissions. LEDs do not produce ozone.
  4. LEDs have a much longer lifespan and therefore generate less waste.
  5. LED inks produce even sharper details and more vivid colour images.

Digital printing

Our goal – cost-optimized production
Next-generation lid and label production. Inkjet, unlike conventional printing processes such as UV flexo, offset or gravure, is a non-contact printing process and therefore does not require printing plates.

Countless advantages

  • No printing plates, less ancillary costs!
  • Low-migration printing inks
  • Wide color range
  • High opacity of colors
  • No register differences
  • 100% reproducibility of print jobs
  • Hardly any waste during production
  • Sustainability and conservation of resources
  • Affordable small series for test markets etc.,
  • Personalizable design, variable printing of serial numbers
  • (there are completely new marketing options, e.g. regionalization, profit codes,etc.)
  • Very flexible delivery times
  • Proofs on original material and 100% match to the print run