For a safe and tight sealing of cups and bowls

Where yogurt and a small range from the dairy industry used to be packaged in cups and trays, the product range has expanded thanks to many innovations. The trend towards on-the-go catering (2Go) accommodates packaging in cups and trays. Packaging units for on-the-go have the requirement that they should not be too large (one portion size), should be handy (easy open) and can be eaten immediately without effort (ready to eat).

As a result, the cup and tray have found their way into many new industries. Our die-cut lids/plates are the appropriate foil seal for cups and containers. We carry the right material for every requirement. Whether the focus is on aesthetics or functionality. With our various products, we always find the right solution.


«Our products are part of our daily needs, are taken in hand several times a day. Most people are not even aware of this.»

Udo M. Schulz

Bowls / Containers

We carry the right material for every requirement, whether the focus is on aesthetics or functionality. It doesn’t always have to be yogurt or cottage cheese filled into a cup or bowl.

Our die-cut lids can be produced in various designs. Get inspired by the different possibilities and have a look at our 3D visualizations.


We carry many materials made of aluminum, PET/PP or paper composite in different thicknesses. For every application on cup, container or tray we will find the right material.

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