Materials Labels

Mit den beiden Naturmaterialien aus Gras und Kalkstein, bieten wir eine nachhaltige Etikette an.


Eco materials

Grass paper

Grass paper requires hardly any water for production. Grass is a fast and constantly renewable raw material. In addition, it is harvested locally and therefore has a ‘clean slate’ in the eco-balance.

Made of paper

Weighing and pricing systems in the logistics sector, coding systems 

Coated paper 
Product labels, pricing systems in the logistics sector (thermal transfer) 

High-gloss coated paper
High-quality product labels

Dyed paper
Product labels, sales labels

Speciality paper
Safety labels, product labels, (holographic paper, opaque, extra white, strong paper, gold, silver, textile, etc.)

Made of plastic

Thermal film
Weighing systems for special requirements such as freezing system applications 

Clear foil
High-quality product labels (e.g. no-label look), pricing systems in the logistics sector (thermal transfer) 

Dyed foil
Product labels, pricing systems in the logistics sector (thermal transfer) 

Composite foil
Special applications, such as: Safety labels 

Special screen
Product labels (opaque, metallised, holographic film, etc.)


PLaminated paper/foil labels
High-quality product labels (deep shine), labels for environments exposed to heavy conditions (for example: moisture, abrasion, UV influences) 


Laminated labels
Composite of various materials for your special application

We supply labels on rolls
in dispensers or on sheets


  • No-Label-Look
  • Metal-Look
  • Retro-Design
  • with special effects
  • with gloss / matt finish
  • with safety function
  • with protective laminate
  • for weighing systems
  • for labeling of commodities
  • in special colors

PEFCTM-certified materials

By using these certified materials, you can improve the ecological balance of your company. The wood raw material used in these materials is PEFC-certified, which thus ensures that the wood used comes from forests managed according to sustainability requirements.

Sustainable means:
• 20% less waste
• 100% recyclable with RafCycle
• PEFC-certified