For pricing/labelling products with data concerning their contents

Self-adhesive labels are the perfect solution for marking or pricing products. They provide information about the product and its contents, while at the same time influencing directly the buyer decision process – it is the most crucial advertising medium. A buyer will pick a product only if its overall appearance is persuasive. We have the right material for each requirement, whether you place primary emphasis on appearance or on functionality. With our various products, we can always find the right solution to ensure a perfect product pricing.


«Labels are as diverse as their areas of application. The trend towards more individuality and personalization is reducing runs of individual products enormously.»

Marco Schulz


Wherever the eye can see, labels are in daily use. We carry the right material for every requirement, whether the focus is on aesthetics or functionality, regardless of the application.

Leporello booklets from small and fine, to large and very informative. No matter how much information you want your product to have on its packaging. The highest degree of flexibility in the format is ensured here.

Our standard materials made of paper or plastic (PE, PP, white, transparent, matt, glossy, permanent, removable, TK), cover around 98% of all label applications. Our eco papers are also very exciting.