Self-adhesive labels are the perfect solution for labelling or marking products. It provides information about the product, its contents and at the same time is the most important factor in the purchase decision – it is the No. 1 advertising medium. A purchase will only be made if the overall appearance of the product is convincing.

Product range of punched lids

Family business

Etimark AG was founded by Ulrich Schulz over 40 years ago. The company is now managed by the brothers Marco and Udo Schulz. Both have been with the company for more than half of these 40 years and have already decisively set the course for the future in the past.


The Swiss packaging printer for the highest demands in die-cut lids (blanks), labels and foil printing. Many years of experience, a lot of know-how in UV flexo printing and in-house prepress as well as a passion for perfection – this is the basis on which labels, die-cut lids (circuit boards) and flexible packaging are produced in perfect print quality and uncompromisingly accurate color matching. The entire production is certified according to the hygiene standard BRC / IOP.


We are currently looking for suitable people to join our team in the following areas:

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An endless range of products

Self-adhesive labels are the right solution for labeling or labeling products. The label provides information about the product, its content and is at the same time a buying decision on the most demanding front – it is advertising medium No. 1. A purchase occurs only if the product is convincing in its overall appearance.

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Versatile and can be used anywhere

While only yogurt and a small assortment of dairy products used to be packaged in cups and bowls, the product range has been expanded thanks to many innovations. Packaging in cups and bowls caters to the trend for food on the go (2Go). Packaging units for food on the go have to meet the requirements of not being too big (single portion size), being convenient (easy to open), and being easy to eat immediately without any hassle (ready-to-eat).
Cups and bowls have thus been introduced in many new sectors.

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  • Pre-press

    On request, we can design finished, individual print templates based on your ideas and ideas, without you having to commission an agency. From small adjustments to complete design, our graphic designers will convince you with their professional work.

  • PVOR / Order preparation

    Preparation is the basis for quality. Preparing a print job perfectly means leaving no room for inadequacies. The printing cylinders, inks and printing material are ready together with the colour templates and proofs.

  • Pressroom

    The finished printed rolls with labels or die-cut lids are sent directly to the die-cutting or finishing department. Here the orders are further processed according to customer specifications.


Polypropylene sealing lids

Would you like an alternative to the established sealing lids?  Due to…