Die-cut lids/boards are the suitable foil sealing solution for cups and boxes. We have the right material for each requirement, whether you place primary emphasis on appearance or on functionality. With our various products, we can always find the right solution.

Made of aluminium

The Classic


Worm, dot, hammer,
ETIgral®, ETIgral3D®
Thickness: 29my, 37my, 50my
Sealing: PS, PP, PE, PVC
Formats: all





Made of PET (Polyester)

The Alternative

Embossing:  Needle
Thickness: 50my
Sealing: PS, PP

D-70.5mm, D-71mm, D-73mm,
D-75.5mm, D-95.5mm

Made of paper composite

The two times

Embossing: Worm, dot
Thickness: 120my
Sealing: PS, PP
Formats: D-73mm, D-75.5mm, D-95.5mm

Dairy / Milk processing (yogurt, cottage cheese, butter,...)
Convenience Products
Beverage Industry (milk drinks, ...)
Meat processing
2Go Products such as soups 

Non Food:
Meat and fish processing
Pet food
Cosmetics / Toiletries






ETIgral® (Edge embossing)

ETIgral3D® (customized to customer's requirement)

Sustainability of materials

Aluminium recycling

Aluminium can be entirely recycled and fed back into the material cycle. At Etimark AG, all aluminium waste is collected, pressed into aluminium briquettes and fed back to the recycling process.




The even aluminum lid with restrained embossment

Is our solution for an unrivaled performance of your yogurt. A high class print layout pretense a nearly total even surface, because of that it is possible to visualize perfectly the optical characteristic and the brilliance of your print layout. Well, for separating sealing lids always need a brace of an embossment.

We combine utility with beauty! The totally glazed aluminum lid with restrained embossment is our answer for high requirements about optical characteristic and plasticity-ETIgral®-special lid of Etimark.

The aluminum lid shows at the curb a restrained embossment, which makes a smooth separation possible. This embossment will be glazed during the sealing process thereby it is nearly invisible. What stays is a totally glazed lid with a brilliant optical characteristic, without any embossment.

Or would you prefer your own in–house embossment?
Integrate your typical inhouse embossment and your product becomes non-interchangeable. Or hike the attention on your product with Braille.
Our perfect print quality unfolded all of the effect and glows with an impression which is close to reality.


The new dimension for aluminium lids with partial embossing

An absolutely high quality image is entitled to the smoothest possible surface. But that is not enough. Finding a targeted balance between image and the individual embossing makes it possible to achieve visual effects that make your lids truly unique.

We have further developed the smooth, edge-embossed aluminium lids to give your product and its packaging a new dimension – the ETIgral3D® lid by Etimark.