Company Portrait

We have been well-known as a major player in label and packaging printing since 1978.

When Ulrich J. Schulz, now the Chairman of the Board of Directors, took over the company in 1979, the name Etimark stood for Etikettieren (labelling) and Markieren (marking). The product range comprised simple, neutral to four-colour labels for use in price guns and scales.

Our family business is now being run by the second generation. Apart from the company name, however, almost nothing has stayed the same. Both our image and our company are very modern. Our product range has expanded from just labels to include aluminium and plastic foil lids, flexible packaging and price guns. Our strengths lie in high-quality products printed in up to eight colours and excellent flexibility of service.

Flexobility – Etimark is the place to come for maximum flexibility and the latest UV flexographic printing technology.

Etimak AG

Founding year    1978
Owner   Udo and Marco Schulz; Second generation family
Legal form   Corporation
Share capital   CHF 540'000
Number of employees   approx. 60
Products   FlexoLabel, FlexoLid, FlexoPackaging
Trade   Price labelling including accessoires
Export   40% in the EU
Member   FlexoSuisse, SVI, GS1 CH

Etimark AG is the Swiss market leader in FlexoLids (cutting lids / foils)

Etimark & Ekology

With our actions, whether we want or not, all of us impact the environment. Our generation must set itself clearly the goal of understanding how to control and reduce this impact.  We at Etimark think that our contribution consists in generating operating numbers and in reducing the use of resources through targeted measures. After a complete energy check-up, we have developed efficiency measures backed by savings targets. We also dispense entirely with the use of solvents and thus figure in the whitelist as a VOC-free company. We expect our suppliers to make efforts in this direction as well.


1978    Founding of Etimark AG in Grabs
1984   Entry into the highly-qualified printing area,
up to 6 colours
1990   Expansion of the machine inventory to
5 machines
1993   Commissioning of the digital pre-press
1997   Premiere flexible packaging printing with the first UV-flexographic printing press
2000   Certification of Etimark according to 
ISO 9001:2000
2002   Transfer to the operative business management
to Udo and Marco Schulz
2003   Expansion, production and pre-press in new facilities
    25th anniversary celebration Etimark AG
2004   Investment in a second ultra-modern
UV-flexographic printing machine
    Installation of CTP (Computer To Plate)
2005   Commissioning of the HP digital printing machine
2006   Commissioning of the third hight-performance
punching machine
    Certification of Etimark according to BRC/IOP
2008   Expansion of punching department
    Investment in 3rd   UV-flexographic
printing press
    Investment in 4th high performance
punching machine
2010   Takeover of Waller Verpackungen AG
    Investment in a 4th UV-flexographic
printing press
    Investment in punching machines 5, 6 and 7
2011   Innovation ETIgral®
    Investment in 8th high performance
punching machine
2013   Innovation ETIgral3D®
2014   Investment in new production plant 2
2015   Investment in a 5th UV-flexographic
printing press
2016   Moving into new office facilities
2017   Investment in a digital printing press of the
latest generation
    Investment in a new label converting machine