Etimark AG was founded in 1978 and is now run by the second generation, led by brothers Udo and Marco Schulz. The Swiss company based in Grabs specialises in customised packaging printing solutions that meet all requirements in terms of quality, safety, functionality and aesthetics – while relying on the most modern and cost-optimised production process.

UV flexo printing towards perfection
Etimark’s punched lids/boards ensure the highest level of quality and safety. With the latest printing technology, UV flexo printing, it is possible to print on different materials (aluminium, paper composite, PET, PVC) while retaining the best print quality with up to 8 colours – a solution that is thoroughly tailored to individual requirements in terms of equipment availability and printing needs.

Our customers can rely on a top-trained, highly specialised team with years of experience in the packaging printing industry. Deliver “perfection” on a daily basis – this is our highest goal.


Udo M. Schulz

Owner / Board of directors
Sales and marketing

+41 81 750 34 34
Thinking outside the box, developing, recognising today what will be required the day after tomorrow. We take responsibility ourselves, starting with our own decisions, and always try to develop the perfect solution for our customers with the available resources. This includes a lot of experience and a good dose of innovative spirit. But we are also appealing due to our sense of fairness and transparency. That is because we earn the trust of our customers with honesty and commitment and we make people take notice in our daily work with our flawless products. Our primary goal is to be an essential and absolutely reliable partner for our customers in the long term.

Marco Schulz

Owner / Board of directors
Finance and ICT

+41 81 750 34 34
When a company is successful on the market, it has a healthy basis. This is based first on long-sighted and realistic financial planning. It also requires an inventory of machines which are the state-of-the-art and extremely sleek and effective processes. Primarily, it is the employees who indentify with the company and form the basis of our success with their personal responsibility. We at Etimark are very proud to have brought these crucial factors to an extremely high level.


Michaela Seeholzer

Sales manager back office

+41 81 750 34 24

Antje Rheinberger

Sales, Order processing

+41 81 750 34 22

Michael Rädler

Sales, Order processing

+49 160 716 77 66

Wilhelm De Graaf

Sales, Order processing

+31 6 538 900 97

Sales back office

Smaragda Tsolakidis

Sales, Order processing

+41 81 750 34 32

Madlen Fluri

Sales, Order processing

+41 81 750 34 31

Renate Zehnder

Sales, Order processing

+41 81 750 34 27

Claudia Tabbal

Sales, Order processing

+41 81 750 34 39

Philippe Dünnenberger

Sales, Order Processing

+41 81 750 34 29

Sale PAZ

Helen Eggenberger

Sales, Order processing

+41 81 750 34 37

Samantha Hobi

Sales, Order processing

+41 81 750 34 37


Anita Sieber

Management assistant, reception
Apprentice representative

+41 81 750 34 34

Susanne Schulz

Marketing management

+41 81 750 34 34

Andreas Knecht

Purchasing Manager,

+41 81 750 34 38

Prepress (DTP)

Peter Gamper

Head of Pre-press

+41 81 750 34 34

Jeremias Tschirky


+41 81 750 34 34


Darko Roncevic

Head of digital printing / assembly

+41 81 750 34 41


+41 81 750 34 23