Price labeling

To ensure easy applications, you need simple pricing solutions for your products. Our high-quality and robust equipment with accessories is the smartest choice if you want to apply information by hand quickly and safely onto your products. Light weight and easy handling make effortless operations possible.


The No. 1

The wide variety of price marking systems of the German market leader Contact is available, ranging from small single-line devices for goods labelling to multi-line hand labelling machines that can be fitted with your company logo.


The simple dispenser

The HADE dispenser is perfect for the application of your individual labels. With the manual or table-mounted dispenser, labels can be released effortlessly. Labels are dispensed one by one ready to hand, either manually or with automatic/electrical feed.


The handy stitcher

Attach textile labels effortlessly like a professional. The study DENNISON stitcher makes this perfectly possible. In our stock, textile threads/stitchers are available in many lengths and versions.




Delicatessen in retail

Mixed goods

Garden products

Leather goods

Jewelry / imitation jewelry

Sporting Goods



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